How to Remove iSearch AVG in Google Chrome

AVG antivirus software is an effective antivirus program that efficiently safeguards your computer from various kinds of virus threats including malware, adware, spyware, Trojans and spams. However when you install AVG antivirus program, you may get an internet browser toolbar that directs your homepage of your browser to It can also make changes in search engine. This feature may not be liked by many users who prefer to configure their own settings. They tend to remove iSearch AVG from their browsers. If you are using Google Chrome and want to remove iSearch AVG from your browser, read the following blog. For a detailed guidance on this topic, contact our AVG Antivirus Tech Support experts.


Launch Google Chrome

Double-click on the Google Chrome icon on your desktop which will open the Google Chrome application.

Select the Options menu

In the Google Chrome application, go to Options menu located in the upper-right corner. This icon is represented by three horizontal lines stacked on each other.

Access the Extensions options

In the Options menu click on Tools which will bring an extended menu. Select “Extensions” in the list of options.

Locate and delete iSearch AVG extension

In the list of extensions, find iSearch AVG extension. In front of    iSearch AVG extension, you will see a check box and a trash icon. Select the trash icon to remove the iSearch extension.

Navigate to the Settings men

After the extension is deleted, navigate back to Options menu and select “Settings”.

Set a default browser

Under the search header, select the small arrow heading down. This will bring a list of search engines that you can work with Google Chrome. Select a search engine and choose it as default.

Restart Chrome

Close your Google Chrome browser by clicking the exit option and launch it again.

In this way, you will be able to remove iSearch AVG extension from your Google Chrome browser. For any query or issue regarding your AVG antivirus, contact our AVG Antivirus Support Number.

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