How to identify and Avoid Scareware from Your Device?

Sometimes when we are surfing on internet, out of nowhere, we receive a message on our screen that our system has been infected by malwares. It will ask you to install the antivirus software and run a security scan. Out of fear of viruses, you might install the software and let it scan your system. It will then tell you that your system is heavily infected by viruses and malware and in order to clean your system you will need to pay for the activation or registration of the antivirus. You might also pay to remove the malware but would later discover that the whole message was a scam to get money out of you and your system is still infected by malware. Read further to learn how to avoid these types of scarewares or scams. Alternatively you can also consult the experts of our Antivirus Technical Support to get an expert guidance in this matter.

How to Avoid Scareware

Have a premium antivirus software on your system

The first and very essential thing you should do before surfing internet is to safeguard your system with a good antivirus program. There are several premium and reputed antivirus software available in the market including Avast!, Avira, AVG and Norton. There are both free and paid versions available in the market. Choose the one that suits your budget and requirement.

Be careful when visiting websites

Prefer to use trustworthy websites only, avoid suspicious websites as they are laden with several pop up messages that suggest you to install an antivirus. Some of them even set traps by showing you various incredible and outrageous advertisements and schemes. Don’t fall for these, as clicking on them might lead you straight into the trap of scammers.

Distinguish true from fake

Most of these scareware messages will try to make you believe that the antivirus you are going to install is the real one and with their elaborate interfaces, you might even fall for that. But don’t take a hasty step, use your judgement and always prefer to do some market research or go only for reputed antivirus programs.

Avoid disclosing any financial information on suspicious websites

Never put your sensitive financial information such as bank account number or credit card number on suspicious websites. This is the way most scammers scam people.

Always buy antivirus programs from trustworthy sources

If you can afford, buy any reputed antivirus programs from market. However if you are looking for a free and affective antivirus program, always choose to download from a trustworthy website.


This way you will be able to protect yourself from scareware programs. For any query or issue regarding antivirus programs, you can contact our AVG Antivirus Support Phone Number 1-800-293-0867.

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