How to Disable McAfee Antivirus? Step-By-Step Guide !

McAfee antivirus is a good and efficient antivirus program that can provide all round virus protection from all kinds of virus and malware threats. But there are certain circumstances like when you are installing some computer program or you have to perform an advanced task, then you have to disable the McAfee program. Read further to learn how to disable McAfee antivirus from your computer. You can also consult the experts of our McAfee Antivirus Support to get a detailed guidance on this topic.

Consider leaving it enabled

It is common for programs to ask you to disable the antivirus program while installations, even though it is not always necessary. Choosing to disable the program while installing an application might leave you very susceptible to virus attacks or malware that could be embedded with the installer.

Locate the McAfee icon in the System Tray

The McAfee program icon must be situated on the lower-right corner of the desktop screen. In case you don’t see the icon, expand the system tray and locate the M icon covered in red shield. Double-click on this icon to open the McAfee window.

Select “Real-Time Scanning”

Find the Real-Time Scanning button at the top of the window under the green banner. It is generally set as “On” by default.

Disable Real-Time Scanning

Click on Real-Time Scanning option to disable the real-time scanning. You can also choose to set how long you will keep it disabled. It is advisable that you shouldn’t keep it disabled for long period of time.

McaFee Antivirus support number

Turn off the Firewall

You can similarly disable McAfee’s Firewall. Locate the Firewall button on the McAfee control panel which is situated underneath the “Real-Time Scanning” button. You can also choose the time for how long you will keep the Firewall disabled. Just like Real-Time Scanning, you shouldn’t keep the Firewall disabled for long period of time

In this way you will be able to disable McAfee on your system. For any issue or query, feel free to contact the McAfee antivirus tech support number 1-800-293-0867 .

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